Free Joran

Innocent of the murder of Natalee Holloway and framed for the murder of Stephany Flores

Beth Holloway Is A Fraud!

What a coincidence that Stephany was killed on the same day as the launch of Beth Holloway's website with a big PLEASE DONATE billboard on her homepage!

Beth Holloway has stolen over 50$ millions off the back of Natalee! And now she still need more attention and money? It wouldn't surprise me that BETH HOLLOWAY is the one who has arranged for Stephany to be killed!

Someone seriously needs to investigate the Holloway family, they have been very suspicious criminals all the way and even now.

While I do not believe that Beth Holloway intended that Stephany Flores to be killed, I do believe the murder of Stephany Flores occurred as a result of an FBI sting that went very badly wrong and that Beth Holloway was involved in the 'masterminding' of the entire operation.

This woman has made millions off the death of her daughter, with donations and media attention.

As a result of her ongoing attacks against Joran van der Sloot, and maybe much more, he is facing not only a 28 years sentence for the murder in Peru, but an assumption that he was responsible for her daughter's death.

No evidence has been found, no verdict in court has been given and yet she continues on with her personal vendetta against Joran.

Was Peru a setup? I would not be at all surprised, although so far nothing has come out. What's fair is fair, and to associate him constantly with her daughter has nothing at all to do with what has happened.

She really needs to say nothing further, enough damage has been done. She is, after all, not a judge or a jury! Her daughter is not the only girl in the world who has died for reasons we do not know.